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RF 5Keys Controller

Content: Product Name: RF 5Keys Controller
which control for led strip, achieve the color&brightness adjustable function, change 64,0000 colors as per the free operation
Technical Parameters(controller)
1 Working voltage: DC12V
2 Output control: 3 circuits(R/G/B)
3 Receiving range:20meters
Functions of Keys
1 Key 1: on/off
2 Key 2: light changing mode(15 modes)
3 Key 3:color light/white light switching mode
4 Key 4: turn up(brightness/speed)
5 Key 5: turn down(brightness/speed
How to use
1 Press Key 1 to turn on/off in any state
2 Press Key 2 to activate light changing mode, a new mode each press,15 modes in total
3 Press Key 3 once to activate white light mode, changing brightness by pressing Key 4/Key 5. Press Key 3 twice   to activate color light mode, changing brightness by pressing Key 4/Key 5 or changing light color by touching the color ring 
4 Resume fuction. The previous settings will be resumed while power on again
5 Matching code Press Key 4 once within 3 seconds when power on again,the light will blink 3 times if    matching is successful.Clearing Code Press Key 4 five times within 3 seconds when power on again,the light will blink 6 times if clearing is successful
Please don’t touch or press the color ring while loading the battaries to protect the sensitiveness. Please use the remote controller 3 seconds after the battaries are loaded.Please reload the battaries when you find the color ring is not sensitive.

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